Pipe making machine manufacturer in China

Located in China, We is an ISO9001:2008 certified manufacturer of pipe making machine, abroach cold rolled section steel forming machine, precision pipe mill, and other pipe production equipment. With over ten years of experience, we manufacture steel pipe production equipment with high precision and efficiency. For example, our precision pipe mill has a production speed of over 120m/min. Our pipe production lines are used for manufacturing round, square, and rectangular pipes and tubes for use in the metallurgy, construction, transportation, machinery, and vehicle industries.

  •  Pipe Making Machine
  • Pipe Making MachineThe pipe making machine is used to produce steel welded pipes, including round pipe, square and rectangular tube, section steels of the corresponding size by Cold ...
  • Precision Pipe Mill
  • Precision Pipe MillWe precision pipe mill is specialized for manufacturing small size pipes for metallurgy, construction, transportation, machinery and vehicle industries. ...
  • Slitting Line
  • Slitting LineWe slitting line is designed to manufacture different width of steel strips, such as carbon steel coil, low alloy steel coil and stainless steel coil, etc. which are primarily used in pipe ...
  • Stainless Steel Pipe Making Machine
  • Stainless Steel Pipe Making MachineStainless steel pipe making machine is designed for manufacturing stainless steel straight welded pipe for metallurgy, construction, transportation, machinery and ...

We have established a comprehensive quality control system to make sure only superb quality equipment is delivered to our clients. We implement strict quality controls throughout the production process, from raw material acquisition, through each production procedure, to the final packaging and transportation of our products. We also utilize highly advanced production and testing equipment as well as the most up-to-date methods to ensure each of our pipe making machine, abroach cold rolled section steel forming machine, and related products measures up to our highest standards. We stainless steel pipe production line and related auxiliary equipment are well received in places such as the United States, Kazakhstan, Vietnam, Chile, Iraq, and Syria.

Providing quality products at competitive prices allows us to keep a loyal customer base as well as acquire new customers. We obtain our raw materials from carefully selected local suppliers, saving on both material acquisition costs and transportation costs. Furthermore, standard production procedures ensure a cost-effective use of resources and high production efficiency, thus saving on production and management costs. Meanwhile, our streamlined production of products reduces our need for labor and improves efficiency. Additionally, our location near Tianjin Port and Beijing International Airport, as well as our easy access to railways and highways, enables us to save on transportation costs. Our cost-effective methods of operating enable us to provide high quality and reasonably priced pipe producing equipment.

In order to meet every customer's needs, we can design and manufacture our machines according to specific requirements. We also provide equipment installation, testing and commissioning, operator training, and lifetime technical support services.
If you would like to know more information, please contact us directly. The staff at We is looking forward to working with you.